Importance of SEO In your website

There are many importance of SEO in you website and business at large .Basicaly SEO is the practice of getting traffic from any search engine platform

1: Increases visibility on search engine

This is one of the Importance of SEO In your website. this is one of them since you can use SEO technics to boost your website to boost the visibility of a website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, or eBay

2: It will help you rank higher for relevant keyword

In most cases, such an engine ranks a website we they have a relevant keyword and good content. The idea here is that we what our website or pages of our website to be found we someone do a keyword search on any of the search engine. So we what the key word queries to match the content of our website.

3:  It helps you increase traffic to your website

In order to increase traffic on your website you need to have good quality content since a lot of people go to search engines to find content on a daily basic and google is the most popular one. So when they find a good content naturally they will definitely click to the link and be directed to your website.

4: It will help people find you website

An optimize site help your target audience find your website hence increasing brand awareness since we can natural drive traffic from search engine hence increasing traffic brand awareness of your own website. Hence people will get to know more about you through the search engine.

Importance of SEO In your website

5: It helps to convert a local business into a global business

This simply means SEO is good for your business visibility. If someone searches a relevant keyword and our business shows up ideally our business can be found all over the word thus increasing global visibility. This is very good since it can boost brand awareness and increases traffic. Hence this can help make your brand not only a local business but a international business.

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