2021 web design trends in Nairobi Kenya. When it comes to wed design they is always some trend springing up so from the previous year continue to rock while other fade away. To keep up with the user expectation and expertise this industry is constantly evolving. If you don’t keep up with this trend you survival in this game can be danger. What suits you the best and your customers and incorporate it, with your usual design pattern. As per the year 2016 designer expert have also cropped up with the latest trends related to web designing.
Age-based responsive design:
If a 7 year old kid and 70 year oldie have different choice of Television programme or story book then how can they enjoy same digital experience? Responsive design is now not just restricted to design as per screen size or resolution; it will integrate design in accordance with visitor’s age. Font type, size, colour scheme, navigation and other such factors will be considered while crafting any responsive website to cater the needs of visitors of different age. It will be really interesting to see sites evolving as per visitor’s age.
Large shadows making a comeback:
Designers are finding out new ways to make a big way for large shadows. The trend is impactful and has the power to enhance the complete visual appeal of the website. Earlier shadows were just limited to icons and buttons but the trend is now revolutionised and large
Buzz about microinteractions:
Get ready, microinteractions have come into action! This buzzword refers to interactions based on single task. Microinteractions are all about interactive animations that describes single task by making it engaging. The logic to develop microinteractions is complex but the end result is worth as it makes the interface approachable. Every human interaction with the interface like scroll, pinch, hover, zoom, tap, touch can be made attractive interactive with this design technique.
Stunning big typography:     
Big typography was although in fad but designers are now gradually and openly incorporating them in web designs. There is wide variety of font types available among which you can choose the one that perfectly blends with your web design style. Before you start playing with the array of fonts, learn the art of typography like a pro so that you can accentuate your designed website with suitable fonts.
shadows are dominating entire web page. It makes the website looks clean and bold. Long flat shadows for backgrounds can make the site attention-grabbing.
Watch this space to discover more design trends that you can incorporate in 2017 and make your website that is all the rage.

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