In this article we show you how to write an SEO friendly blog post in Nairobi kenya. before you start good agency such as DI MEDIA INNOVATION can help you creat good websites blog. When writing a blog post skilled is needed like in all writing. You need to think about writing appealing articles and also the post structure. People will what to share your article with others if they read and understand your article this will led to your post being ranked higher. So if you improve your writing skills you improve your ranking too.

First, do keyword research

You have to find out which word your audience actually searches. This will help you dominate the search results. These is mainly the topic you’re writing about and also the keyword you should use in your text. After finish with the keyword research it’s time to start writing.

Writing tips

Many bloggers just start writing and typing what comes to their heads when starting anew blog.This can be good if you have a natural writing talent but most of us need help. You can follow the rules when you start a new blog post.

1.    You need to think before you write!

You need to ask yourself which question you are going to answer or what are you going to tell your reader or what the main purpose of the article is before you start to write. You need to write down the answers to this question first.

2. Plan a structure for your blog post

You need to create a clear structure for your blog post so that you can write a readable and SEO-friendly blog post. You have to do the following in each blog post:

                some sort of introduction (in which you introduce your topic);

                a body (in which the main message is written);

                a conclusion (in which you summarize the main ideas or draw a conclusion).

In short, you have to write down what you want to say in all this section.

Now the real writing began.

3. Use headings and paragraphs

Most people use paragraphs but not in the right way. Some people start each new sentence on a new line since it looks nice, that wrong. Since each paragraph should have its own idea or subject try not to make them too long. You need to ask yourself what the main idea of each paragraph is.

When you have a good heading it will help your reader understand what the specific part of your text is all about. You can also use subheading to lead people through your article. This subheading can be a focus on using SEO keywords.

4. Use of transition words

This helps you scan through your text and understand the relationship between sentences and paragraphs. If for instance there are three reasons for people to buy your product. You should use the word like ‘first of all’; ‘secondly’ and ‘finally’. Hence transition word is very important to your text.

5. Use related keywords

Articles can become less attractive for your clients if they are stuffed with a lot of focused keywords. This is extremely dangerous because it can reduce your rankings. Google wants you to write contents that a lot of your clients will love. It doesn’t support the use of focused keywords in each and every sentence as it has other means of analyzing your texts. Google understands the topics of your texts by analyzing your content. It’s getting smarter by the day. It always uses synonyms to understanding your topics to analyze what your text is about. One of the ways that Google understands the topic of your text is by recognizing synonyms and other keywords that have closer meaning to your focus keyphrase, thus it’s important to use synonyms throughout your text.

You can easily think about synonyms but thinking about the correct keyword can be a bit challenging. The reasons given above led to the introduction of new features that can help you find related key phrases with much ease. In relation to your focused keywords, our plugins can provide a number of similar key phrases in an instant. The feature used is powered by SEM rush and is used in both free and premium plug-ins. thus optimize this synonyms key phrase feature

6. Optimize the length of your article

You need to ensure that your blog posts has less than 300 words but the length of your article is balanced. Google always favors long articles, however if yours is too much longer it can scare your users away. You are however advised to write long articles only if you are a skilled writer. It’s much more demanding for your visitors to read long post compared to short ones. If you are not sure how long a blog post should be, you need to check out your articles. Always remember to regularly use your focused key words throughout your blog post to help you end up with a friendly blog post.

how to write an SEO friendly blog post in Nairobi Kenya

7. Link post to previous content

Don’t forget to link to and from this post when you have already written content on the same topic as your current post since this will make your current and existing post stronger. It also makes your ranking in Google stronger. Linking will help you navigate your site as readers may be interested in reading the other article too. It’s call internal linking.

8. Let other people read your post

You need to make sure somebody else has read through your article before you publish it. You need to ask them whether they understand the real concept of your post and you can invite them to correct any grammatical error. Make sure to run your post past someone in your team who happens to be an expert on the topic you’re writing about if there is one. That way they can give suggestions to make your post even better.

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